Thursday, 23 February 2012

Harry gingerly pressed the switch on the strange wand, it began to buzz eerily...

Just heard that the author JK Rowling is working on her first work intended for adults, the news caught my eye with the incongruous headline:

"Rowling to pen first adult novel"

Enough to inspire a raised eyebrow, someone at the BBC was awake enough to alter it later to:

"JK Rowling to pen first novel for adults"

Those morning copy deadlines are tough for journos still wiping the sleepy dust from their eyes aren't they?

Several years ago I listened to a radio interview of a guy who claimed to have reviewed her original submisson. He claimed that he knew that after reading the first page that he was on to a winner. This inspired me to check the page out while browsing in a bookshop, I admit I never finished the page. I think was half way through the second paragraph when I had to stop for fear of bursting into hysterical laughter in public. Ever since then I've struggled to get my head round the Rowling/Potter phenomenon.

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