Thursday, 30 August 2012

A day

My mood picked up just enough today for me to attempt some household tasks, I did the laundry and although i hung it out a bit late, it was quite a fine breezy day. So I decide to walk into town, on the way I pop into Billy's to get  a snack, there's a bit of a queue, some parents with their kids, you know the sort of thing. So the whole exercise takes a bit longer than it should and by the time I get out of the shop the I notice that, from out of nowhere, the sky has turned ominously cloudy, I decide it would be better to return to take down the washing, as I make my way back the weed blows more briskly and sky gets darker, 50 yds from home the sky opens up and all the shit starts to rain. I pull the laudry from the line as quickly as I can, destroying the pegs in the process -- it  rains harder, it took me about 20 seconds to pull the washing from the line during which it went from dampe to soaked.

I'm just so fed up with this shit.

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