Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Xmas 2012

Christmas, once again I made arrangements in advance for a quiet getaway again this year, last years attempt at that Swiss chalet didn't turn quite as planned when Mai Ling and Sandrine, the girls from that model agency in Milan turned up by surprise but it was great fun. This year I thought go for a complete change of scenery, a small beach residence in the Caymans, perhaps this I'll get a bit of time to myself to contemplate this special time of year. As you might expect thing didn't go according to plan again, went out diving yesterday for a few hours in the afternoon and got back to the cabin about four, who should I find there, you guessed it, honestly those crazy girls. Anyway, got a bit of hangover, the girls invited a party of Japanese tourists, high school girls from Osaka, over for a bit of bash, my first experience at Karaoke. It got really wild but it gave me a chance to learn some of the language, not exactly sure what Kimochi means but it seems you can have an entire conversation with just one word. The place is a bit of mess now but Sandrine and Mai Ling are busy tidying up as I'm writing this, the things Sandrine can do with a feather duster! In fact both the girls take their housework really seriously, you wouldn't think girls with such active modeling careers would bother such but they've brought their own maid's outfits and everything. Oh well, must dash Mai ling's asking for help with some thing, I'm not exactly sure where the cat is she's talking about, I haven't seen one here but I better get it sorted.

Merry Xmas

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