Friday, 1 February 2013

The doodle files

Doodles they're kinda interesting but they most often get get assigned to oblivion pretty instantly, I admit some of mine have hung around a lot longer than that, not getting thrown out till they've been virtually obliterated by assorted beverage stains. I'm not labouring under any delusion that these particular examples are noteworthy to any degree but I fancied documenting them because I'm interested in doodles:

Some doodles are doomed to an early extinction because the urge to draw something is so insistent that you pick up the nearest implement, in this case an aquarellabe Stabilo and doodle on the most convenient surface at hand, the table top adjacent to my laptop.

Let's not forget the all time classic, the back of an envelope. I obliterated the return address here, I've no idea who it was, it's a PO Box number but I'm wary of the risks of inundating some poor sap's post with trash spawned by internet pranksters.

This one demonstrates a nice aspect of doodling, it's not constrained by convention, so if you get something wrong, like the nose and lips here, you can just draw them somewhere else, who say's they havta be in the right location?

Hair? let's make her? him? (a bit andronginous this one) mostly bald cos I wanna draw an ear. Another example of translocation, got the hand wrong? just do another one in the corner.

Let's try out this ink I found on in the back of the cupboard to see if it's any good? The answer to that would be no. I masked out my name here, not because I'm concerned about DeadSpiderEye's secret identity being revealed, you can track that down in less than a minute with Google, but it's almost the same as my signature and publishing that on the web might be -- um foolish.

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