Friday, 3 May 2013

I think they call it an Aunt Sally

Don't worry this isn't me pledging unending fidelity to the party and I wouldn't dream of telling anyone how to vote because history as taught me I'm not very good at voting but I couldn't resist this dig in the light of events.

I could tell something was up when I went to vote yesterday, as I tucked my slightly translucent ballot paper in the box it came in for some scrutiny from a curious ballot supervisor. I could see a definite, oh no not another one, look on his face. I'm not the only one who thinks that the portion of the vote UKIP nabbed yesterday is in no small part due to rather ham fisted campaign against them in the media, one of most notable instances of which was perpetrated by the Honourable Kenneth Clark MP, who I think called them, "Racist clowns". Uh yes Ken, that's less than convincing let me tell you, you'd would've thought someone would've put him wise by now.


  1. At least you exercised your democratic right to vote and that's a good thing. I'm afraid I'm not a political animal at all and tend to be sadly apathetic - I think it stems from originally coming from a country with an unassailable majority rule I've never subscribed to.

    1. I'm not really political either to be honest and I know I was a bit mean to Ken here but I don't really despise him, even though I find myself on the opposing side of his views a lot of the time. I kinda find the assumptions we're expected to tolerate in the media offensive though and this was a gratifying opportunity to thumb my nose at them.