Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Game (((update) update) update)

Just found this, its a bit of fun that I first slapped together a real long time ago, it got revived a bit a couple of years ago for a promo. This is the final version, which I think never actually got published. It was built with a really old version of flash that was outdated even when it first built and it was absolute pain to code. Since then flash has got a bit better, it seems and you can track code with some degree of sanity. Read the how to play before you give it go, it's got useful pointers that'll save you time and effort wondering why the ball doesn't move, lol. Don't bother with e-mail although you can put in a name if you like, the submit score button won't work either, or it shouldn't unless the perl script it activates is still on site and will process hits across domains. The game is pretty simple but it's totally skill based, there's no randomising, so if you don't score, it's your fault, although not scoring isn't a complete waste of time because you can sample the assorted insults at the end of the game that greet a nil score.

(update) Looks like the score board is still up, oops, never mind. knock yourself out and see if you can beat the high score.

(update) update) Oh dear, this page is playing up, the embed for the flash file disapeared, I wonder why? Anyway I've edited the page but it might be a problem that re-accures, knowing Google, so if there's nothing here I promise I'm not just pulling your chain.

((update) update) update) The weirdness with this flash file continues, don't know why but it only accepts input when it feels like it, first the name and e-mail boxes stopped accepting input, then subsequently mouse input failed. Too weird for me to work out what's going on, has to be something about this page or the browser or both. Anyway I'll leave it up for a day or so then if still doesn't co-operate it gonna get filed un B.


  1. I'm useless at games so I'm not even going to attempt the embarrassment of trying it although the selection of insults sound like they could be fun! 10 out of 10 for putting it together though.

    1. This game's a bit crude to be honest, I have done a few games, this is the only flash one though, so it's the only one suitable for sharing on a broader scale at the moment.