Wednesday, 17 July 2013


It was very warm today and I wilted a bit in the heat, I don't have aircon and couldn't get a draught going. Unfortunately I perspire rather profusely in the heat,  so I'm sitting here with aura of stale sweat and a heat rash. I wasn't the only one suffering though, there's a problem with a leaky waterer I use to keep the hens watered, so I had to keep some water in shallow dish for them topped up. When I checked to lock 'em up for the night, I came across a hedgehog gasping for liquid refreshment so desperately, he/she ignored me as they imbibed from the dish. I jumped out of my skin as I first caught sight of it, which didn't prompt it to curl up instead it just stood still doing it's impersonation of bog brush. I left it alone, I'll clean the dish in the morning.


  1. This weather has been quite something hasn't it! I love it but I have been lumping watering cans all over the garden to keep the flowers alive & putting out water for the birds.

    I know paper dolls are not your thing but I'd be interested to hear what you think of the different fabric techniques I was playing with in my last post - I'm always trying to achieve the Ron Embleton / Jose Ortiz effect. (Bought myself some new paints as well so that always helps!

    1. You'd be surprised at my range of interests Sharon, they quite broad, you're right though paper dolls are quite novel to me although I have dabbled in paper figures. I'd be interested to know what kind of media you're using, it looked as though it might be water colour or gouache, if so I think you're on the right lines to capture the effect you're after. Most of my exposure to Ortiz has been through the comic world were he kept broadly to a wash and line technique, of which he displayed a seemingly effortless mastery. He and Embleton do seem to exhibit the same flair with rendering fabrics with a more painterly approach and body colour though, really intense hues that seem to leap out of the page. I've often though, I'd love to spend half an hour in the studio with Ron, just to see how he did it.