Saturday, 17 May 2014

Disapearing materials

Way back in my studio days, Letraset Line Paper was the prince of ink surfaces, for those in the know that is. Curiously there was this persistent myth surrounding Frisk's CS10, which was a truly awful surface for pens, not too bad for a brush, although its ability to take ink was adversely effected by oily fingerprints, the reason why pads of CS10 were bound on both edges I think. Some hold outs would stick to Bristol board, which is a reasonable surface but generally not too tough, the Letraset surface, on the other hand, was as hard they come and took ink flawlessly from whichever tool you used, I think could dip your shirt sleeve in ink and still come out with decent picture. Unfortuantly it's no longer available, so this pad, might be the very last in the country, I've had a bit of a clear out and found some old materials, that Cotman pad you see behind it was quite good for acrylic, although it's yellowed quite badly, as has my Frisk CS2, which says much about those claims of archival quality.

I opened it up and was greeted by the unexpected sight of an ink drawing, which I must have done quite quickly. It was never used because I think I was just mucking around and the quality of the draughtsmanship is a little mediocre. Anyway I though it was worth a post, for anyone interested, I did a quick adjust on the snap I took, and as you can see, the blacks are preserved reasonably well, even from just a snap taken with a camera, of course it's a bit wonky cos it was laying flat on desk.

The last pad of Letraset 5000?

Woof, woof...


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