Monday, 29 February 2016

Something not quite right...

It was a bit chilly today but the cloudy skies had taken a break and I found a sunny spot by the river at lunch time. So on impulse, I grabbed a small loaf I found on offer in the shop and I took time to indulge myself in the sun, by tossing some bread in for the ducks. It's been something over a decade since last did this and on that occasion, I did it to entertain a frail relative who was convalescing. One thing I remember about that occasion, is that our engagement this in simple pleasure, that you see exercised every day, caught the attention of a particular individual. This individual took it upon himself, to educate me and my companion on the perils of feeding ducks. Yeah right, apparently he was in possession of some marvellous insight into the topic, that he just couldn't keep to himself.

So there I was today, taking some time to reacquaint myself with this pastime; reflecting on times past and the family members that went with them, when guess who should turn up? Yep, that's right, Mr. Knowall and his advice on feeding ducks, of course, it wasn't the same guy, just someone filling his role. In the decade or so that passed between the two incidents, I must have seen hundreds of people feeding ducks there. Never, not once, on any occasion, have I ever witnessed, any of those mothers with prams, fathers with their sons or courting couples, ever receiving a lecture on duck feeding. Nope, it's just me, so what is going on, because I see something not quite right here. Tomorrow, I'm feeding the ducks again, whatever the weather is like, I'll stand there in a sou'wester if I have to and when that guy turns up, I'll be ready for him.


  1. Well, it's obvious what you're doing wrong, DSE - you're supposed to unwrap the bread before throwing it into the pond. And 10 years between feeds? I very much doubt it'd have been the same ducks.

    1. Lol, yeah they did look a bit dizzy when it hit them on the head.