Friday, 29 July 2016

Chunky lady fest

You know the kind of winsome willowy chick that is supposed to be the ideal of physical beauty? Well they're nice but there's just something about chunky ladies and did you ever meet a winsome willowy chick that wasn't a total bore? Okay  I know Lee Meriwether seems like fun but what are the chances of bumping into her?

I'm not sure what the current scene is like but this is a video from a few years ago, reminds me of a night out on the pull from my youth when the girls were getting a bit competitive. In fact it's so evocative, i can almost hear the conversation, 'I'm going for the one in the purple--if she's still concious after they've finished'.

'Na, you've no chance while she's still awake'.

Crikey man, this is a long wrestling match, those ladies are working really hard, I hope they get paid well.


  1. 50 minutes? Are you kidding me? Get a Sarah Young vid up for us to slobber over. (YOU wouldn't dare - neither would I.) Lee Meriwether? Now she IS a Babe!

    1. I might dare if there was a relevant context but you're right I don't think it's proper on this blog. I'm not really sparked up by that kind of blousey worldliness embodied by Ms Young. Indiana Jane mind you...