Thursday, 20 October 2016

After the flood

I saw something today which although not a particularly uncommon sight, I've never actually been in a position to observe such an event in its entire splendour before, a rainbow. It caught me unaware as I stepped through the door and it's fair to say that its beauty startled me for a second. I just couldn't stop looking at it, it seemed to make that autumn sky, usually so encroaching and opaque, just so enormous. It was the same feeling you get when you're on the coast and horizon opens up, the world suddenly becomes so much bigger. I could see so much of the sky, not just the underside of a few clouds.

As I walked past a house, my eyes fixed upon the vivid hues, a mother stepped through the door with her child, 'It's a rainbow' she said. The child's first I imagine by the tone of her voice, she pronounced rainbow with that sense of awe mother's reserve for their children. I've no firm Idea how old the child was, my attention being focused elsewhere, I got the sense that she was holding a bundle just under toddling age. I'm wondering how the sight seemed to that child, will they be looking for another rainbow tomorrow or were they too young to perceive it properly? Who knows but I think that mum will remember their child's first rainbow.

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