Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Les Dawson

Gay marriage--any gay married couples here tonight?

Gay marriage--does anyone else see a contradiction there.

I used to be gay--I mean married. The wife said to me, 'I've had enough, things are going to change around here'.

'Really--light of my life [ironic] what's wrong?'

'You're sexist' she said.

Me? [quietly with gesture to audience]

'You take me for granted and don't appreciate me'

I says to her 'We can work this out my precious, I know it seems as though some problems are insurmountable but together we can do anything'.

Then we had this little moment together, you know--she looked in my eyes, tearing up a little. I stood there all stoic--put my arm around her'.

Then I whisper to her, 'You've just have put that little extra effort into getting the sleeves on my shirts right'.

--should be a laugh here--


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  2. Well, a chuckle at least. Was Les Dawson telling jokes about gay marriage way back then? I just find the whole notion of gay 'marriage' absurd. (Though, if two people of the same sex want to live together, it's none of my business.) The definition of a wife is a woman who has a husband, and the definition of a husband is a man who has a wife. To hear a woman describe her partner as her 'wife', or a man refer to his partner as his 'husband' just doesn't sound right. The whole thing about marriage is that it was designed for two different genders, not two of the same gender. Two wives in the same relationship (or two husbands) seems completely ludicrous. Moving the goalposts is like saying that apples have a right to be called vegetables if they really want to be. No, not a brilliant analogy, but you get what I mean (I hope).

    1. I think gay marriage wasn't a topic that attracted much attention while he was alive. I think it's dumb too but it's not an issue that exercises me that much. There's so much that's dumb about the world that's more important and it's not improving either.

      Interesting observation about the labels, husband and wife, you know I've only seen that used a couple of times in the media myself. there does appear to seem to be some broader reluctance to apply those words to same sex couples.

      Yeah I get what you mean with the last bit, I'm not great with analogues either.