Monday, 18 June 2012

The Stunt Poem

Warning this post uses language that may be offensive to some

My encounters with notoriety are brief and tenuous amongst them I number the promulgation of the phrase, spitting feathers, in relation to a fit of ineffectual anger another is the authorship of what I call, The Stunt Poem. Both these cause me a certain amount of amusement when I encounter them. it's something of a surprise to me that, spitting feathers, has worked it's way into respectable parlance seeing as the imagery evoked seems rather obvious. It was coined in reference to a senior colleague prone to panic and scapegoating those around him and it references an implied homosexual relationship with a junior staff member, feathers -- spitting -- geddit now? The Stunt Poem arouses amusement for a more subtle reason, I can't help recall the reaction of the first woman I recited it to. First lets show the original text of the poem then I'll explain:

Oh what a jolly stunt
to lick around your girlfriend's cunt
if you make her moan and cry
she'll suck your knob if she's not shy

Her response causes amusement because it was so naive and illustrated the enormous disparity between our perceptual models of the world. She said something along the lines of, "Using vulgar languages isn't funny, it would be better if you substituted a different rhyme." Er yes, I'm a Benny Hill fan too but that's not quite the effect I was looking for.

Incidentally a guy called Terry, who was vociferous lefty, piped up with another amusing response, he complained it, "Didn't scan!" amongst other pretentious claims.

"Oh really" I responded, "Terry, what does that mean exactly? You know --'scan' what does that mean when someone  says a poem doesn't scan." He went a red colour and tried to bullshit his way out of that one as was his habit when he found himself out of his depth --which was a frequently.

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