Sunday, 1 July 2012

Titus Morry

Titus Morry dug this hole
Better money than the dole
He lived his life as a mole
Just another greasy prole

Worked so hard keep to his wife
Never thought of his own life
Married to perpetual strife
Till he took that serrated knife

The final row in the kitchen
Here's a tool to stop that bitchin
Another hole lined with lichen
Wonder when she'll stop that twitchin

Tried to take the kids away
Found a way to make her pay
She'll never see another day
Whatever will the neighbours say?

Now's the time to call Police
Equivocate like Myrlin Rees
Wonders -- should I call my niece?
Who knew murder could be such bliss?

Oh dear that's a nasty Rhyme
Never could spare that much time
For a poem too sublime
Please forgive this heinous crime

Titus Morry lies so deftly
Life's so hard since she left me
I just thank god for young Daphne
Eyes his niece with breasts so hefty

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