Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Feeling stressed?

I'm not a really a fan of Ralph Bakshi or Duran Duran but I am a fan of Frank Frazetta. Bakshi's best work is a little known flick with a minor cult following called Wizards. Although Wizards is shamelessly plagiaristic, Vaughn Bode being the victim of Bakshi's aquisitive creative instinct in this instance, and a production that ran in to rather obvious funding issues, it does work rather well. Amongst the tell tales of the funding deficit are the frequent story board sequences and reprocessed live action footage segued, no sot seamlessly, into the edit.

Bakshi does deserve recognition for his perseverance though, he continued to produce animated features on a pittance and amongst these is an even lesser known flick called Fire and Ice. This time Backshi at least had the grace to hire Frank Frazetta, who's work inspired the film, for the production. This laudable shift in attitude doesn't really pay off though, the animation is rather blunt and stilted and only hints at Frazetta's sublime visual style.

There is however, a rather nice fan edit on Youtube, that I really like and it's probably got the best of the animation sequences from the film, The animators did seem to put extra effort depicting the alluring heroine of the plot, Princess Teegra, in all of her scantily attired, sumptuous, Frazettaesque - curvy glory, mmm why could that be I wonder?

Well here it is, so as the saying, ubiquitous in American eateries goes: enjoy!


  1. Nice. And I don't mind a bit of Duran Duran every now and then either. Callipygous wonders

    1. "Wonders" indeed and you win a prize for expanding vocabulary, thanks.