Thursday, 15 November 2012

It's written on the wind

Alright I know this the second post in row with a music video but I promise I'm not gonna make a habit of poncing off other folk's Youtube efforts. It's just that I found this video again recently after a while of trying to find it. It's quite interesting, I suppose, from a music video perspective because it's a rare example of such, replete with symbolism and cinematic artifice, from an era when the art was though consist solely of the guys from the band playing on a rooftop.  I suppose you could carp on about the tin foil and wallpaper but for me the way it employs these cheap props enhances the appeal and a 405 line TV screen is very forgiving in that regard.

The song, Love is all around by the Troggs is probably better known for the cover performed by Wet Wet Wet, their version is a bit too teary and emotional for my taste, with that strangulated hernia sound so representative of that era. The Troggs themselves recorded three distinct arrangements of the song that I know of, this one is probably my favourite with its carefully measured vocal harmony. The Troggs are also famous or perhaps infamous for The Troggs Tapes, a recording of er -- colouful banter during a recording session. During the bickering, which sounds to me to be inspired by nicotine withdrawal, someone is heard exclaming, rather prophetically, something along the lines of: "We need to sprinkle some fairy dust on it and we could have a number one".

Another facet of this video that appeals to me is that The Troggs were my local band and although I can't be certain, I'm pretty sure that's the train I used to travel on many years ago. I always kept a watchful eye out but I never did bump into that girl.

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