Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mullet, Mosquitoes, Mines

Mullet, mosquitoes and mines, three thing that abound in the Falkland Islands that offer an opportunity to use a bit of alteration. It seems the government has finally pulled its finger out of a certain orifice and decided to commit itself to the future of this underexploited asset. The decision has been prompted by the prospect of gas and oil extraction of course. Which if developed wisely will see the islanders wealthy and the revenue used to develop the prolific agricultural resources of the islands. That's not going to happen of course because we've been here before haven't we? Ooh 1970 something was when the bounty from the North sea started to come ashore and what exactly happened to it -- er nothing much, I remember a trip to Norfolk during the 80's, you could see gas rigs from the shore and the detritus they produced littered the beaches, it was the only time I'd actually seen the proverbial used hypodermic. Strangely enough Norfolk is also blessed with those items listed above, yes even mines, the signs saying, "Beware of Adders and unexploded shells" are still up on some of the beaches.


  1. I'm guessing that'll be 'alliteration' you meant, eh? Although, if Lewis Carroll could invent his own words, then why can't you?