Friday, 30 August 2013

The Doodle Files 5

Strictly speaking I suppose these aren't doodles, although the first one probably qualifies since it was inspired a hare brained scheme to pitch for a syndicated strip but that was Tuesday, so to speak. After a little pondering on the chores involved in churning out a Garth pastiche every week, I thought better of it. They're a little blurry I'm afraid, probably had the camera on daylight.

I've started using a black water soluble lead similar to that Stabilo that I used down to the stump a while ago but with a clutch pencil arrangement. This lead's not quite so soft, still good though and it has the advantage of not suffering from the glare you get from graphite, which is important at the moment cos I'm still working on my lap with a drawing pad and overhead light. The second one is a mixture of graphite and water soluble, the first is that rather gritty large diameter, 5 point something millimetres, water soluble lead, that works rather nicely on textured paper. Talking of textured paper, where did stipple board disappear to? can't find it listed in any of the art shops.

Gurn, fate's chosen man of destiny.

Richard the III for lettering practice, don't ask why.


  1. Very nice! You are getting some recognisable characters and personalities here - I love the old man (fishing?) even though he is just a few lines and seen from behind.

    1. Thanks for the compliment Sharon, yeah he's fishing, I didn't finish it because I wasn't happy with the idea of showing the back of his head, I nearly cropped him out for that reason.