Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Three pics.

Knocked this out a couple of hours ago, it took me ages to do the finished artwork and then I smudged the ink, what an idiot. Just goes to show how rusty I am, the inkwork was so bad I thought I'd better colour it, it was orginally supposed to be just black and white. The colour's not fantastic either, I'm using a mouse and it's a bit like drawing with your feet, I did the second panel first and by the time I got to the sea in the first one, I really rushed the highlights as you can see. I might tart it up a bit tomorrow.
Pencil sketch

A very poor ink job

The colour


  1. Hey! - don't be so hard on yourself. I think its great. It's nice seeing how it developed from pencil sketch to coloured version - the highlighting on the man's face is very good & I really like your colour choice. The bemused expression is perfectly pitched ... and I'm starting to recognise your style!

    How on earth did you manage to do this with a mouse!!

    1. Oops, I meant to post the comment below as a reply but must've hit the wrong button.

  2. Thanks for the compliment Sharon, I still think I stumbled a bit with the ink, probably need to rebuild some confidence I think. I really should have put some detail into the sea background on the second panel but I didn't want to swamp the foreground.

    Colour wise, I have a bit of experience with the mouse and the major tip is not to try anything too linear, use it like a broad brush and tweak shapes with other tools. There is one particular technique that saves a lot of time when building flesh tones. bit of trade secret but if get the time I'll put some explanation up, I don't think I'll be treading on too many toes if I publish it here.