Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Mice

About this: Inspired by one of my favourite episodes of The Outer Limits, The Mice, watch if you can find it, it's spectacular. It's a bit iffy, might pay some attention to this one after it's stewed a while on the back burner

Update: Well I did tinker with it, took about 5 minutes (just goes to show what a little distance can do) still not quite there I think but this one needs simmer a bit.

Do you see mice in un-penitent line?
Head bowed not in obeisance but fear
Men without need and no weakness for tear
Neither remorse when our purpose is crime
Souls as hard as a hide slaked in lime
Yet still hearts stir as the fair one draws near
She harbours a light for those who adhere
She harbours light, lit for they that adhere
To the tally that is tendered in time
Of all that be here, alone she chose sight
Does see a man not a beggar nor thief
To see a man not a beggar nor thief
Do his legs still have the strength for that mile?
Slight limbs retain enough vigour for fight?
For this woman that lent birth to belief
That life can once more be home to a smile
Can he dare risk to lend birth to belief?
That in this world there is room for his smile

nursed his belief life to belief death to belief stile will their be a time to tender a smile will his belly hold back that no more bile hold enough bile There can be an end to this life of bile that fight not might The one he must run to capture that smile Should she be the one this life is lived for? The question asked when he witnessed her smile Truth is not told to the man without faith That he be alone in this life no more If need he'll run barefoot till they're bled raw Truth for a without faith is elusive Truth for a without con To the tribute that is paid out in time For her he'd spurn life while he adhere Yet still hearts beat when the fair one draws near The one he must run to capture that smile no more
believe her
Woud I spurn should I adhere
So dear
To the tribute the price which is time
To the tribute which is priced with our time
For her I'd spurn freedom then adhere

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