Sunday, 6 October 2013

West Wittering

After my recent post of some snaps I thought I'd dig some more out of one particular location featured in that post. That would be West Wittering, East Head in particular. There's something unusual about the quality of light on the Sussex coast, I think it's because the cloud tends break up over that region, so even on days with no shadow the light can still be quite beautiful.

Dawn breaking the cloud cover.
Not a brilliant snap by any means and I'll have to be honest I did monkey with the colour here to try and convey the real beauty of this particular sunrise. I'm up early because it's a Sunday during the holiday season and I'm here to do some Mullet fishing and the crowds are not conducive to such activity.
Water on Mars? no just low tide at East Head.
It can get a little scary with tides at this location and they do have the flags out most of time. You're safe as long know what to look for but complacence can be the undoing of anyone so stay focused. The Weever Fish make waders a necessity if you're spending much time moving through the water and such encumbrances make you particular vulnerable to rising water and quicksands in such circumstances.
Isn't the sky pretty?.
Yeah I'm like that, I'll snap anything that takes my fancy. This is a different day, I think, I took the opportunity to settle amongst the dunes for a few monuments and soak up a little sun and noticed this.
Just leaving a bit early, partly because the crowds were turning up but also a local Bass fishing guide had turned up, who's quite well known, and had spotting me catching Mullet. I didn't spot him until he hailed me while I was playing a fish, we exchanged a few words, the usual cordial fare between anglers but his ignorance on Mullet was apparent. Unfortunately he compounded his ignorance by shadowing me and thrashing the water with his fly rod, probably in the hope he could tempt a mullet from my trail of bait. I tried moving but couldn't shake him off and he killed the fishing stone dead, shame really I was having a good day till then. Anyway I was just leaving and I heard this sound like the ground opening up, they were moving really fast and came out of nowhere, I was lucky to catch this snap
Interesting tree
On this day, I just took some time to explore the area. This is the other side of the inlet to the salt marsh. You can see that the prevailing wind evident in the shape of this tree.
The loneliness of the long distance angler.
This is an example of that Sussex light I mentioned, I call it silvery in honour of McGonnicall's first Tay Bridge poem.


  1. Wow - these are lovely and you are spot on about the light - its gorgeous. I especially like the last photo with the silvery light sparkling off the sea. There are definitely advantages to getting up early!!

    1. I'm glad you liked 'em, I couldn't find the one photo I was hoping to track down, If it does turn up, I'll update this post.