Thursday, 31 March 2016


So what is it they say, that weight for weight, tea actually contains more caffeine than that which is in coffee? So how much caffeine is in tea then? Oops the answer is 0%, it's a question of semantics see, caffeine is that which pertains to coffee, ah you say but that doesn't mean it exclusively pertains to coffee. True, that would be asinine (spot the quip there) except for the fact that already there's a word for the substance in question with relation to tea, that would be, theine. Chemists agree, mostly, that these substances are identical in molecular structure, I'll take their word for it. Unfortunately for those amongst their number, who like to keep things in the order dictated by the structure of molecules, language gets in the way and affords people like me the opportunity to jerk their chain.

Next, why porpoises and whales actually are fish...