Thursday, 31 March 2016

On the game

So I caught my first episode of Game of Thrones the other day, everything was proceeding according to expectation when quite unexpectedly, a pair of bristols entered the drama, as an attractive lady got her kit off. Right okay, it's the first episode, perhaps this is to tickle some media attention. Then I get to the eh hem, climax of the premier, uh right, what's going on here? So I watches the second episode, oh my god! So exactly when did the space cadets and ye olde adventurers, start to insist that porn be sprinkled intermittently through their tv entertainment? Now I admit, I'm slightly out of touch with television trends but it was a mite alarming to see how things have developed. Anyone got any insights they'd like to share over the latest series of Doctor Who, just so I'm forewarned.


  1. Latest series of Doctor Who? The Doc is going to be a black female lesbian, and the Cybermen will all become transgendered. And the Daleks will start saying "Exterminate the c**t!"

    1. Get that job as script editor now, cos that all sounds brilliant. It's about time they gave the Daleks some salty lines like that. Torchwood made an attempt at a kinky Cyberman once, it was hilariously bad, it was almost worth sitting through the thing for the laugh, almost.