Thursday, 26 March 2015

I'll never forget Whats'isname (Michael Ripper)

Michael Ripper is an interesting case, he was as ubiquitous as Kensington Gore in Hammer productions and did quite a bit of TV work too. His roles were generally brief, sometimes not much more than bit parts but his range as a character was quite wide, taking on the roles of grumbling inn keepers, merchant sailors aboard distressed vessels, kindly geezers and belligerent heavies in his stride. He did get a quite a meaty role in Freewheelers, a children's TV drama series from the sixties and seventies. Freewheelers aired during the early evening slot, where children's TV tended to predominate, before the early evening news bulletin. I recall it being a little naff, something of the Saturday morning serial about its production standards but it did make efforts to keep the action rolling, speedboats and other marine vessels being quite prominant, probably because the production was based in Southampton.

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