Saturday, 28 March 2015

Top Gear

So have you sent your CV to the BBC yet? The best job in the country is up for grabs and carpe diem is the appropriate motto for such occasions, so if you haven't already done so, do it now and good luck. However, competition should be fierce and I reckon I've spotted the ideal candidate: Brian Sewell, yep that's right, the art critic. Sewell's a national treasure, even more inclined to let the truth off the lead to chase off hypocrisy and correctness with his candour than Clarkson, he's drawn more than the occasional bought of censorial attention. On one notable occasion, a cadre of the benighted had cause to draft an open letter accusing him of homophobia, er yeah, nice one you miops, what do you do for an encore, tie your own shoelaces? Anyway gotta rush, gotta catch the post with this CV.


  1. Accuse Brian of homophobia? I thought he played for the other team anyway. You mean he's not?

    1. Mr. Sewell has been quite candid on the subject in the past, personally I prefer not throw labels around, it's just that in this instance the accusation was a scurrilous and transparent attempt to silence him by attaching a stigma to his views. That's the kind of thing I find personally objectionable, because it goads outrage from the crowd with the the threat of being similarly ostracised, lest you acquiesce with a suitable level enthusiasm. It's the kind of thing that George Orwell satirized in 1984 and it represents basest, most contemptible human behaviour.