Saturday, 27 August 2016

Predator and prey

Some days seem to have a particular theme running through them, the one that surfaced today was predator and prey. I encountered a kestrel pouncing on something about fifty yards ahead of me on the pavement as I walked into town. Later, on the trip back, there was a girl petting the cat that hangs round by the mill on top of the hill. That was something unusual because he's not a particularly approachable cat, having something of the beast about him, his garnet eyes incandescent with a fire that seems unearthly. She tootled on her way as I approached and the cat was going to retreat into the undergrowth, that was until something caught his eye on the other side of a fence. Zip, he was on it in a flash, he almost tangled himself in the wire he was that careless. I was almost on top of him by this time and I could see what he'd captured, some little mouse or shrew. As I sauntered pass, he was full of suspicion and warned me off with some of that fire that burns in those eyes.


  1. So you didn't mess with him? That was shrew-d of you. You mouse-t be careful with cats sometimes.

    1. I'll be careful with next door's cat if he craps on my lawn again.