Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Seems like he's having fun, except the old Panda was a bit of handful, not just on corners but with any kind of steering. How can I put this I wonder, how about chronic under-steer in all conditions? The example I had was a bit of an earlier model, so I suppose they might've made some improvements but mine was very fatiguing to drive. You'd be bouncing the steering wheel back and forth to avoid the snap after a corner, which would make the car roll back and forth like a drunken girl scout, ugh. If you did get caught out and found yourself with a snap on your hands, you needed to be really quick to get it sorted, otherwise you'd be on the roof or wrapped round a lamp post.

The Peugeot 205 is the car notorious for the same problem and I do have a friend who found herself travelling down the motorway on the roof after she took avoiding action, when she was cut up by another diver. I'm told the sparks were quite spectacular, I think I'd have been quite spooked in such a circumstance. One quite maligned small car that didn't manifest the same problem was the Austin Metro, which would steer quite sweetly but that hydrolastic suspension, well it was quite firm shall we say, in fact it wasn't much more than a scaled up skateboard.


  1. Nah, I want to see a Batmobile or an Aston Martin D.B.5 else I'm not watching. I'd settle for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but that's my last concession.

    1. You didn't miss much, he does quite well in that car though.

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