Saturday, 16 November 2013


If you're a jotter of meagre accomplishment like me, you'll be familiar with the soul crushing experience of submissions. Unfortuantly when you're the only one with the insight to recognise you're a gifted creative genius, the process tends to be something you find yourself avoiding with increasing consistency. One of the problems for me is the wide variation in submission guidelines circulated by prospective publishers, being somewhat disorganised, it's something of a problem to keep the drafts in their pigeon holes. This time I got round the problem by submitting to a publisher who wouldn't except simultaneous submissions, which is something you want to avoid really since turnaround times seem to draw out forever. At least this publisher promises a prompt rejection notice, which is something that mitigates that problem, most of 'em don't even bother with that.

One thing I can say though, is that at least writers don't have put up with quite the same anguish as illustrators. There's something about the visual arts that draws out the very worst of things like professional envy and petty sniping and that's main reason I kicked that world into the bin, I just couldn't hack the aerosols that permeate the air, so to speak. This latest effort is going to fail, I'm sure of that but it's like buying lottery tickets. You know there's no realistic chance of success but there's just a moment, maybe less than a second, when you're assurance that you'll win is absolute and that's the best feeling in the world, a feeling that, when confident your fortitude can sustain you, you'll bare the soul crushing gladly for.

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