Sunday, 3 November 2013

To kill a pig

Oh dear this is unfortunate, challenged to write a verse around a title, I came out with this. It's unfortunate because I'm late for supper and I've only got bacon in the fridge.

To kill a pig, practice is to let blood
Or smite head with hammer, take careful aim
With a single blow it should pith the brain
Be swift and they wont even hear that thud
Mmm that succulent tender flesh so beloved
By epicure who might move to disdain
Some lesser creature you killed in vain
Though not a cow relieved from chewing cud
In scalding brine steeped to depiliate
And filed in row upon a sharp hook hung
Run through their heels as they desanguinate
While restless iron blades eviscerate
Clear trunks of offal, heads of lolling tongue
It's meat the public does appreciate

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