Sunday, 11 September 2016

Reflective millinary time

So I caught this video on YT, it's one of those live feed ones, so it sent my browser into a fit. The video itself concerns the political contest currently waging on the other side of the pond, specifically speculation on the health of one of the candidates. So it's not a normally a video I would naturally attribute much credence to. Politics in not a game noted for its honesty after all and the general climate of mendacious fiction permeates throughout the factions.

Or that's what I thought, just for the giggle I tried to gain further insight into the rumour this particular video was circulating by performing a Google search.  It's no surprise that a bunch of loony conspiracy theories featured prominently in the search results. Right I'll try the Google News search then--oh dear, more loonies but there's one thing here on The Huffington Post. Click--it's been pulled, happily though Google's cache provides me with the gen.

After reading the item the partisan slant is quite obvious but it did raise some awkward questions so I decide to re-examine the Google news search list. Among the luminaries featured in the search results are such august news gathering organisations as: Charisma News‎, The Inquisitr‎, Liberty News Now, The Hayride. Okay, so maybe not a story I should take seriously, except isn't there something missing in this list? That's right, nothing and I do mean absolutely nothing, from any of the major news services, not even a: ho ho ho, let's laugh at the conspiracy theorists and that shiny head gear. Okay so it's Sunday evening and the weekend lag might be causing a bottleneck with news copy but a total blank on the story? That's starting to make me wonder.


  1. CNN and MSNBC did report on the rumors of Clinton's health issues, with the general tone dismissing it as a whacked-out right-wing conspiracy theory. CNN "debunked" the rumors by quoting sources who said that Hillary "feels fine." The sources were her husband, her internist, and Hillary Clinton herself. A CNN commentator also said that there is an "element of sexism" involved.

    USA Today also did a story on the rumors, reporting that most Google searches re: Hillary Clinton were using such key words as "Hillary Clinton health" and "Hillary Clinton illness." They were careful to include a disclaimer saying that there is "no evidence" of health problems. Like the TV networks, they were dismissive of the rumors.

    None of which matters. If she drops dead today, they will do a "Weekend At Bernie's," strap her body to a hand truck, wheel it around, and insist that she is perfectly OK. And our news media (the Democratic Party's propaganda arm) will go along with it.

    Hillary's fans don't care if she has Alzheimer's, paranoid schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and full-blown AIDS. They also don't care about perjury, tax evasion, Benghazi, or influence peddling. Some of them are radical third wave feminists who would vote for Andrea Yates or Lorena Bobbitt just to have a token female in office. And a lot of them are welfare recipients (i.e., on the dole), and will always vote for the Democrats, who keep filling the trough for them. Talk about a basket full of deplorables.

    But then, Trump is a shmuck, too.

    1. I used your search time and came up with Washington Post article: Hillary Clinton's Health Just Became Real Issue... Interesting the headline should betray the notion that the power to bestow credibility on the story is the exclusive purview of the mainstream news institutions. Meanwhile MSNBC wants to instil the principle that personal health issues are off limits and the poor old Daily Mail in Britain is still going with the loony line on the story.

      The Daily Mail is a strange animal though, historical sympathetic to Conservative views it has moved firmly into the Consensus political camp but it does still occasional ape views from the right in its role as an Aunt Sally. You know the kind of thing, All immigrants should be tattooed at Dover. That's not a real headline by the way, I'm using licence to parody The Mail.