Friday, 16 September 2016

Waiting for dinner

There was this time I was waiting in an airport departure lounge in Boston. I bet you weren't even aware of any airports in Lincolnshire. Ho ho, got you it was Boston Massachusetts, I don't see a need to flee Lincolnshire by jet, not unless there's a prospect of being chased by mutant mangleworzles. Anyway I was scouting for food and tripped into an eatery where they were selling sea food, I think I might've bought a sandwich but they had in there, this tank.  In this tank there were a bunch of live lobsters, they had their claws bound with elastic bands but were otherwise quite aggressive with each other. It was something of a sight to see this little drama, a kind of mini wild life show depicting the aggressive behaviour of wild animals; I was quite engrossed for a while. Then the relevance of my perspective dawned on me, I was inhabiting the domain of what draughtsmen used to call, the divine aspect, looking down upon these creatures in the manner of dispassionate Grecian deity. Soon their fate would be decided by someone like me, external to the concerns of their little world and yet those lobsters were not equipped to comprehend any of it; makes you think don't it?

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